Dear Hero,

The world has been in peace for the last 1500 years on the land, but recently there has been rumors going around Goldensburg and many of the other major cities about the drow making appearances in the lands that are above their world which we call home. They are said to be causing mischief and attacking the poorer towns, capturing the people and sacrificing them to that Lolth they all chose to worship. This is not good if this is true there is a good chance of there being another great war which puts many lives at stake. It is your job as a hero to alert all of the above races to form an alliance. With this alliance we can make the largest possible army to take on the underdark and its menacing soldiers of the depth and get rid of them for good and hope that they never return. We hope you accept this quest, as it is what will save us all.

Yours Truly,
Mayor Quaod of Goldensburg.

The Darkness From Below

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